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The Jotainox - Civil Locksmiths, Lda presents itself in the market of metals in general, assuming the following strategic objectives that fit your enterprise Quality Policy:
• Focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty;
• Pursuit of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement;
• Ethical behavior in relation to competitors, customers, employees, suppliers, society in general and specifically the environment Create a culture that mobilizes its employees to continuous improvement of quality;
• Promote training initiatives, information and awareness to develop practices, attitudes and responsibilities geared to the skills of employees;
• Motivate the personal and professional development of its employees, enhancing the involvement of the same in pursuing the objectives of the company, particularly with regard to quality, environment and safety at work;
• Comply with all legal requirements, and other applied organizational activity;
• Provide with maximum quality and efficiency product, ensuring that reproduce the total satisfaction and loyalty of our customers;
• Apply meritrocacia, as compensation for the fulfillment of the objectives, ensuring greater fairness as a reward efforts and recognition associated with the allocation of functions.
• Managing employees' skills